HenLee 112  New 3 D Painting and Sothebys E Mail & Kunsthalle Hamburg

Work 1 Title HenLee 112 - DREAM OF SPACE CAKE -

on Black Wood Special Painting 3 D wll Paint with Tousend little Coulers  Points

Size 60 cm x 40 cm Signature Backside on Wood with

Serial No : 19xxxxxx07

It is a unique piece like all the works of artist HenLee112, this is a brand new Maltechnick

in oil and acrylic Painted here on wood and decorated around the edge with chrome trim

The special there are thousands of colored points on a work about distances of points

identical at the first design , here everyone can imagine what a lengthy and laborious work alone is,

the whole thing is complemented by the special Technick where the painting actually and

tangibly appears palpable and visible in 3 dimensions.

Owner is I. M. from Hamburg

all Rights reserved

Contact E Mail:  ingrid-brigitte@gmx.de

Work 2 Title HenLee 112 -AMORE BIRDY WITH 2 HEARTS-

Painted on Canvas Sold/Gift

60  cm x 40 cm  New Owner Inka D.

all rights reserved

Owner I. M. from  Hamburg


Painting on Canvas

100 cm x 80 cm




Work 4 HenLee112 - Kokain Amore - Privat Collection not for Sale

Size 40 cm x 40 cm on Carvans  (unsaleable)

Work 5 HenLee 112 -Water Buffelo Blue Sea at Yellow / Green Field

Size 80 cm x 40 cm on Wood Carvans 60 cm x 30 cm

Work 6 HenLee 112  Littel Dog -

Size 30 cm x 30 cm on Wood and Carvans 20 cm x 20 cm

Work 7 HenLee 112  Eisblätter im blauen Winter Morgen

Size 80 cm x 30 on Wood and Carvans 60 cm x 30 cm

Work 8 HenLee 112  View of the Point

Red an Blue

Red Size 60 cm x 30 cm on Caravns

Blue Size 20 cm x 20 cm

Work 10 HenLee 112  Mother and Duckling

Size 60 cm x 30 cm on Wood and Cravans  40 cm x 40 cm