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Small oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh Praying peasant woman in the kitchen Now at for sale on Ebay  eBay article number: 264676084628 more information on Ebay  20.03.20 to 29.03.20  from 1.00 euros better than playing the lottery  just copy a web link here:  Small oil painting by -Vincent Van Gogh - Praying peasant woman sitting in the kitchen on Wooden table Louvre stamp backward Louvre E mail Item features Artist: Vincent van Gogh Size: 40 cm x 30 cm Brand: Vincent van Gogh Technique: oil Period: late 1800s. Seller type: Private without awareness Motif: Praying peasant woman sitting in the kitchen on the material: canvas Country: Belgium Properties: VvG Signature on the mug, hand signed Originality: unique handmade original number type: 1 Small oil painting Vincent Van Gogh a praying peasant woman  sitting in the kitchen at the old kitchen table, hands intimately  collapsed, praying for God, pausing before the meager meal, for this period also for the chosen motif, the everyday life in the hard everyday life of the farmers and its struggle for survival drawn in the face by the more than hard life in the country  This oil painting is demonstrably from the area around  Vincent Van Gogh demonstrably from Ghissignies, 59530  France 50.1 km driving time 43 minutes  from the Van Gogh House   It was stamped with the Louvre in Paris around 1900 or earlier  the oil painting was verifiably there in October 2019  scrutinized carefully  Expert and Extensive Analyzed by the Louvre professionals in Paris with the result  the Louvre stamp is real and the staff of the Louvre Paris issued more than a RECOMMENDATION with the written notice that the Louvre does not buy any works and proposed to work with the Drouot Fa on November 22, 2019 at 11:59 a.m. E-mail is included in the offer as a photo Contact  Hotel Drouot 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris, France  +33 (0) 1 48 00 20 20 Now on Ebay from 22.03.20 Auction to 29.03.20 from 1.00 Euro better than playing the lottery eBay article number: 264676084628 more on Ebay or please copy web link good luck  Greetings Ingrid Please stay healthy and healthy during this time of Coronna